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06.Apr.2018Major updates and reconciliation of Croft Appendix C and Scoresheet.
02.Apr.2018Essay (written in 1944): "5 Hours of a Navigator’s life".
13.Mar.2018Moon Phases added to Scoresheet.
04.Mar.2018New photo of Bruce added to Mascots & Pets.
26.Feb.2018Further update of page regarding the loss of Beaufighter MM838.
03.Feb.2018The "Flaming Snipe" in Algeria and Tunisia (AIR27/1520).

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Icon   The Home Page

Icon   Squadron History : World War One

Icon   Place of formation of No.255 Squadron
Icon   Squadron numbering at the time of formation of the RAF
Icon   Uncertainties regarding both the date of formation and just what was formed
Icon   Aircraft
Icon   Load limitations of DH6 aircraft
Icon   Strategic purpose of operations at Pembroke
Icon   Officers commanding
Icon   Aircrew
Icon   Signalling Codes and Squared Charts
Icon   Enlarged image of a Squared Chart Decoder
Icon   First reported sighting of a U-boat
Icon   First reported engagement with a U-boat
Icon   Known errors and omissions in WWI records
Icon   Disbanding

Icon   Squadron History : World War Two - England, 1940-42

Icon   RAF Kirton Lindsey  (later known as RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey), 1940-41
Icon   RAF Hibaldstow, 1941
Icon   RAF Coltishall  (with a Detachment at RAF West Malling), 1941-42
Icon   RAF High Ercall, 1942
Icon   RAF Honiley, 1942
Icon   Officers & Aircrew Photo, RAF Honiley, July 1942

Icon   Squadron History : World War Two - North Africa, 1942-43

Icon   18 Beaufighters fly to Maison Blanche via Gibraltar, November 1942
Icon   The Ground Crew travel by train and boat to Bône, November-December 1942
Icon   255’s contribution to the defeat of the Afrika Korps + intruder operations into Sardinia
Icon   Aerial photograph of Souk-el-Arba taken by the Luftwaffe – May 1943
Icon   Preparing to enter "The soft under-belly of Europe"

Icon   Squadron History : World War Two - Sicily, August–November 1943

Icon   Operations whilst still based in Tunisia, August 1943
Icon   Nearly four months at Bo Rizzo, August–November 1943
Icon   Description and photograph of Resin Lights (visual IFF signalling)
Icon   The move from Sicily to Mainland Italy, November 1943

Icon   Squadron History : World War Two - Mainland Italy & France, November 1943–May 1945

Icon    Early days at Grottaglie
Icon    Maps showing deployments in Italy in the context of the war in Europe
Icon    The Squadron HQ moves to Foggia
Icon    Photographs of the Squadron at Foggia Main
Icon    Details of the loss of Beaufighter MM838
Icon    1945 : The final months of the war
Icon    The big move North, when HQ relocated to Rosignano
Icon    The first move into France
Icon    The Detachment’s role in France

Icon   Squadron History : the period from VE Day to Disbanding in 1946

Icon    Re-grouping at The Casa in Tuscany
Icon    Peacetime in Malta
Icon    The move from Hal Far, Malta, to Gianaclis, Egypt
Icon    Egypt - Where and why?
Icon    The mysterious disbanding
Icon    Farewell

Icon   "The Score" in World War Two

Icon   Enemy aircraft destroyed, probably destroyed, or damaged

Upon investigation, Peter Croft’s 1992 assertion that the "Damaged" count for North Africa was incomplete in the ORB was found to be correct. In consequence, both 'Appendix C' of his work and this website’s Scoresheet have been updated as of April 2018, so bringing the two lists of Claims into line with each other and with all known primary sources of data.

Icon   Squadron aircraft losses to all causes

Icon   The Roll of Honour

Icon   The Squadron’s Crest, Badge and Motto

Icon   The people

Icon   WWI Aircrew mini-biographies
Icon   Squadron Leaders 1940-1946
Icon   Nickname Decoder
Icon   WWII suviviors biographies
Icon   Peter Dunning-White
Icon   Kevin O'Sullivan
Icon   Tales from the Dispersal Hut
Icon   Family Album photosMore wanted!

Icon   Bruce, the Squadron’s official Mascot in the UK, and the Squadron’s other pet dogs
Icon   Bruce with No.255 Squadron
Icon   Bruce after posting to No.488 Squadron (Photo, January 1944)
Icon   Wilbur – A pet dog in Italy

Icon   The Squadron’s Trophies

Icon   The Chain of Jerries, years 1941–1943 (Before it went missing)
Icon   The re-appearance of the Chain of Jerries in the 21st Century
Icon   The German glider tailfin – a trophy common to the whole of No.325 Wing

Icon   No.255 Squadron in Music and Art

Icon   The proposal to adopt Ar Hyd y Nos
Icon   Sheet Music for Ar Hyd y Nos
Icon   The ongoing debate about music
Icon   The Squadron’s songs
Icon   The Squadron in Paintings & Drawings
Icon   Poetry
Icon   Modern Tribute Photographs
Icon   Other RAF-related music you might enjoy

Icon   Downloads
PDF files you can download to view, save or print:

IconEssay written in 1944, with a contemporary photograph and two modern illustrations added:  “Night Fighting : Five Hours of a Navigator’s life”  by George Eley (Download 360 kB). An account of an Intruder Mission over Greece that ended in failure and the loss of Beaufighter KV924.
IconTranscript of AIR27/1520 with added illustrations and footnotes, entitled “The Flaming Snipe”. An account of the Squadron’s activities on the ground, beginning with the preparations for departure from RAF Honiley in November 1942 and ending in Sicily nearly a year later.
(Download 1.24 MB)

The unaugmented version is available as a download from The National Archives website.
IconReprint with corrections and footnotes – Peter Croft’s 1992 version of Squadron history.
(Download 343 kB)

Upon investigation, Peter Croft’s 1992 assertion that the "Damaged" count for North Africa was incomplete in the ORB was found to be correct. In consequence, both 'Appendix C' of his work and this website’s Scoresheet have been updated as of April 2018, so bringing the two lists of Claims into line with each other and with all known primary sources of data.

The unaugmented version exists as a reference book in the RAF Museum Library, Hendon. Access for on-site reading of the original document is by appointment only. It cannot be borrowed. Museum reference "Object No. B3788". This is not the same text as Peter’s book The Night Fighter World.

Icon   255 Squadron Association

Icon   Forthcoming events
Icon   News
Icon   News Archive
Icon   History of the Association

Icon   Miscellany

Icon   WWII phonetic alphabet
Icon   Acronyms, Abbreviations and Slang
Icon   Aircraft types, fitting of Pip-squeak, Radar and IFF
Icon   Known aircraft serials
Icon   WWI serials
Icon   WWII within the UK
Icon   WWII in Africa
Icon   WWII in Europe + Peacetime
Icon   Damage Category definitions
Icon   Availability of TNA records online
Icon   Recommended reading (WWI)
Icon   Recommended reading (Inter-War)
Icon   Recommended reading (WWII)

Icon   Feedback:

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